Age Verification Pop-up for Responsible Browsing

This pop-up ensures that your content is responsibly accessed, enhancing user trust and compliance with regulations. Tailored to meet the unique needs of your website, the pop-up is fully customizable, allowing you to adjust its appearance, text, and behavior to align with your brand's identity and user experience goals.

Placement Flexibility:
You have the choice to integrate the pop-up across your entire website by placing it in the footer, ensuring all visitors encounter the age verification. Alternatively, if you want to target specific content or pages, you can embed the pop-up directly on those particular pages.

User Experience Consideration:
For a seamless browsing experience, the pop-up is designed to appear only once per session. This means that during a user's visit, they'll only be prompted for age verification the first time they land on your site. If you're revisiting this demo and don't see the pop-up again, it's working as intended!