Installation and Setup Guide 🛠️

Step 1: Install the App

Navigate to the Shopify App Store.

Search for "Section Library by Optify".

Click on the "Add app" button.

Confirm the installation by granting the necessary permissions.

Step 2: Access the Library

Once installed, open the app from your Shopify dashboard.

You'll be greeted with our intuitive interface showcasing all available sections.

Step 3: Browse and Select

Browse through our Free, Basic and Premium sections.

Preview any section to see how it looks.

Once you find a section you love, click "Add to Theme".

Step 4: Customize in Theme Editor

After adding sections, go to your Shopify theme editor.

You'll find the added sections ready for customization.

Drag, drop, and edit them as you would with any native Shopify section.

Step 5: Stay Updated

We frequently add new sections based on user feedback and market trends.

Check in regularly to discover new additions and updates.